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Continuous Performance Management


There is a current and very definite shift in many organisations and sectors towards adopting a more ‘continuous’ approach to performance management  and a moving away from  time-heavy investment and effort involved on the typical annual appraisal process of a formal review meeting and completing a form or ‘ticking the box’. 

Continuous Performance Management (CPM) places a greater emphasis on managers holding more regular, and often more informal, performance conversations with their employees and where there often is a greater focus on development, coaching and feedback.

Successfully adopting and implementing a change in your performance management approach does involve thinking more broadly about the overall purpose of your performance management system and how it fits into the wider performance and success of your organisation.

What will you learn?

This one day course provides an opportunity to understand and explore some more about the potential benefits and value of Continuous Performance Management (CPM ) approaches and how you can support your organisation to make the necessary changes to implement a more meaningful and effective continuous approach to managing and motivating individuals.

Who is it for?

This course is for business owners and HR managers / directors and anyone with responsibility for appraising members of their team.

Session content

  • Exploring the purpose of performance management in organisations. What is it for you? A tool for distributing pay rewards? For managing and prioritising work and tasks? For coaching and developing people to improve? How is this working in your organisation?
  • What do we really mean by CPM?  How this is both similar and different to the traditional methods of annual appraisal,  and how does this align with the more agile and flexible world of work today?
  • Ideas and examples of how to motivate high performance in individuals by asking simple reflective questions based on a strengths based approach, supported by frequent two way feedback and a strong developmental or improvement focus;
  • Considering the benefits of moving to a system of more regular performance conversations and the change in skills required by Managers and Employees to make this effective;
  • Strategies for managing the transition from a traditional annual approach to a more continuous performance system - what to look for and consider in implementation

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