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Developing Workplace Mediation Skills


Our Developing Workplace Mediation skills one-day workshop is designed to build confidence and skills in identifying and resolving workplace disputes.  Everyday work pressures, if left unaddressed, can lead to ineffective relationships affecting not only the individuals involved but the team and wider organisation.

The ability to recognise the early warning signs of tension and “nip problems in the bud” is a key management skill.

The structured framework of mediation provides important insights in methods and competencies for preventing and resolving conflict.

Who it is for?

This workshop is designed for staff and managers who wish to learn practical skills for dealing with tension and challenge in the workplace using the relational skills and framework from workplace mediation.

What will I learn?

You will learn to recognise signs of tension and understand the concept of conflict.

We will explore the role of a workplace mediator and the essential skills and behaviour required for the role including the ability to demonstrate effective listening, building trust and rapport with impartiality, asking powerful questions and reframing.

Course Content

  • An introduction to mediation
  • Understanding conflict
  • Perception and Reality
  • Thinking brain vs. Emotional brain; preventing Amygdala hijack.
  • Listening to both parties with impartiality
  • The Mediator’s role in facilitating the process of conflict resolution
  • Key skills for diffusing and managing conflict
  • Supporting a future-focused approach

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Benefits of the course

By the end of this course you will ...

... be able to recognise the warning signs of conflict, as well as being more equipped to manage it.

Other people like you who attended this course commented: 

  • "Provided full information about the process from start to finish"
  • "Gave me an understanding of what to look out for when conflict arises and what I'm able to do (or not do) to resolve it"
  • "I have a clearer understanding of the process and will hopefully be dealing with situations before they get to mediation"

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