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Enhancing Team Effectiveness

Overview of course

Team building covers a myriad of outdoor and indoor activities that force participants to come together in a collective in order to work more effectively together.  These interventions have their place.

With our 'Enhancing Team Effectiveness' course we have chosen to enhance team effectiveness by focusing on two key areas:

  • Awareness of self and of others
  • Improving inter-team communication

Who is it for?

This workshop is for new and existing team leaders and managers, including Senior Managers, who have a need to improve the effectiveness of a team they are responsible for. It looks at both strengths and weaknesses and uses these as a starting point for change in order to ultimately enhance performance.

What will you learn?

You will begin by looking at your own strengths and weaknesses and move on to raising your awareness of those within your team. By recognising areas for development, you can put measures in place to fill the gaps whilst promoting a shift towards a more open, encouraging and supportive workplace.  You will also learn how to springboard team performance by focusing on the inherent strengths of the team.

Course Content

  • Celebrating individual difference
    • What are our characteristics?
    • Our communication and body language
    • What labels do we give other people?
  • How does our behaviour change in a team / group
  • What is a team?
  • Team dynamics and 'rules'
  • Team strengths
  • The characteristics of a high performing team
  • What are the dysfunctions of teams?
    • Trust
    • Conflict
    • Accountability
    • Results
  • Action planning and next steps

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Download a PDF of this course

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Benefits of the course

When you have finished this course you will feel…

…confident in your ability to improve the effectiveness of your team, using a raised level of awareness, improved communication and a behavioural shift to make the change.

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