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Sales & Marketing:

Introduction to selling


There is a myth that good sales people are born that way. The reality is that selling has a set of skills that must be learnt so those in sales can reach their full potential.

This course sets out the guiding principles followed by top sales people. You will learn all the steps you need to take, including how to prepare, how to question effectively to understand the customers’ need, delivering the solution and closing the sale.

This course will build on the knowledge of those already in sales or start anyone onto the path of becoming a champion in sales.


Who is it for?

Anyone who has to sell. No one knows all there is to know about selling and this course should really inspire growth in all sales professionals.

This two-day course covers every aspect of the sales process and equips those in sales to maximise their sales potential, whether they are new to sales or have been in sales for many years. 


What will you learn?

The guiding principles you will need to reach your full potential. The core concepts of consultative selling and the different stages of the sales process. The course will also cover common problem areas such as handling objections and closing techniques.

Course Content

  • Accelerate into Super Performance
  • The five basics that will make you great
  • The Guiding principles of Sales Success and the need for persistence
  • What’s your language like
  • We are all emotional beings
  • Understanding the Customer: Seven Elements of Human Nature and Six weapons of Influence
  • First Ask Why
  • Introduction to the 8 stages of a sale and the timeline of a sales call
  • The important use of PIE and the use of questions to establish the problems, the issues, and the emotions
  • The use of emotional language in your questions
  • AIDA
  • The Golden Rule
  • Dealing with rejection
  • Closing the sale 

Your Course Tutor

 Bill Allen – Senior Crisp Associate

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Benefits of the course

Benefits of the Course

When you have finished this course you will be… 

… more confident in your sales role and aware of how language can effect your success.

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