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Planning for Post Lockdown - Reintegrating the Team (Virtual)


The enforced changes resulting from the pandemic have had an impact on both relationships in the workplace and on the way we work.

Without acknowledging this and putting support in place we risk a detrimental impact on staff engagement and consequently on effectiveness and efficiency in the workplace.

Who is it for?

This virtual interactive session is for managers and teams who want to rebuild, reconnect and discover new, improved ways of working following lockdown.

What will you learn?

The primary objective of this session is to enable people to re-engage and get back to effective, efficient collaborative work by:

  • Acknowledging the impact of recent changes in order to move forward (changes could have resulted in resentment and disconnection from colleagues, fear, sadness, anger and disempowerment)
  • Rebuilding relationships and re-establishing collaboration and communication
  • Profiting from the learnings of lockdown
  • Playing an active role in exploring new, improved ways of working

The session focus will be threefold:

  • Self - recognising the human impact and identifying where we are on the change curve, what’s niggling us and what we need to move forward
  • The Team - acknowledging the value and contribution of our colleagues and the power of collaborative working and creativity - rebuilding communication, creativity and collaboration and identifying priorities
  • The Organisation - exploring new ways of working, reviewing our practices to identify opportunities for greater effectiveness and efficiency

The intention is that by the end of the session people come away positive, energised and re-engaged with their roles and their colleagues.

The course is designed to be very much an action-focused session, prompting thought and encouraging action so that everyone really engages in moving forward and comes away with a will and a plan.

Course content

  • Understanding how the lockdown has affected us, the way we relate to colleagues and how we see our role
  • Identifying what we need to be able to move on and re-engage
  • Recognising the power of the team and remembering the value of collaborative working - acknowledging each other’s contributions
  • Determining priorities based on the habits of resilient teams
  • Exploring the learnings from lockdown and the opportunity for improvements
  • Focusing our energies on where we have influence
  • Creating an action plan


This virtual session runs from 09:30am - 13:00pm, with breaks included.

A note about attending a 'Virtual' training session

This course will be run on the Zoom video conferencing platform.

If you've never used Zoom - or any other video conferencing platform - before don't worry, it's quite straightforward!

Before the session, we'll send you instructions to help you get started. The key thing is to ensure that your video and audio settings are working, which you can test before the session.

All you'll need is a laptop/PC with audio and video capability, a good internet connection and somewhere quiet to sit and share a 'virtual learning space' with us for 3.5 hours.

Book your place

To book this virtual course, click 'Booking Details' below, enter the delegate details and follow the prompts through to the payment page.

Alternatively, email us at or call 01392 409 198 with more details and we'll book you on.

Bring this course 'In-House'

If you're interested in running this course exclusively for your team, drop us an email at or call us on 01392 409 198 and let's start a conversation. We'd be delighted to help you.

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