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Sales & Marketing:

The Key Skills of Selling by Phone

Selling by phone requires a different group of skills to that of face-to-face selling. Not only can the customer’s body language (which is 55% of our understanding) not be read, but equally the customer has no visual stimulus, relying therefore on the descriptive statements made by the seller.

To successfully achieve this, preparation and an understanding of how different customers react are required.

Key Learning Themes

  • Getting into mind of the customer
  • Why a customer should buy
  • Understanding the benefits of questions
  • Never lead without following
  • No pain, no gain, no sale
  • Features, advantages and benefits
  • Using the formula AIDA
  • How to overcome objections before they happen
  • Why price should never be an issue

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Benefits of the course

"A really helpful course - even for someone who has been in sales for many years. Gave me fresh ideas which I will go away and implement immediately in my role"

Whilst there are skills related solely to the telephone, champion sales people are also highly skilled in the keys of selling and have an understanding of why customers buy, how to make them say “yes” and place an order. This course covers both these inseparable skill sets.

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