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Training the Brain – mindfulness in the workplace

Course Overview

Understanding the principles and applying the practical techniques of mindfulness has been shown to benefit both the organisation and the individual. Increasingly research is providing evidence to show the impact that Mindfulness has on business success and the achievement of outcomes, as well as on the fundamental underpinning  of wellbeing of staff.

Introducing a culture of mindfulness has a beneficial impact on the individual practicing and developing mindful skills and on everyone working with them.

Who is it for?

This course is for individuals and teams who have a desire to understand the principles of mindfulness and who want to apply practical daily techniques and behaviours that will lead to wide-ranging benefits including individual wellbeing, increased creativity, enhanced decision making and greater empathy and compassion.

What will you learn?

By the end of the workshop you will understand what mindfulness is - and isn’t! You will have discovered the history of its origins in the East and learned more about the evidence and research that is fuelling its popularity in the West as a non-secular practice.  

We will explore both the personal health benefits of an established practice including the impact on managing stress and discuss how to establish an individual and/or collective practice to bring about workplace benefit.

Course Content:

  • Understanding Mindfulness
  • Research and Evidence that is fuelling its popularity
  • Why we need Mindfulness - stress, technology and the 'always-on' culture
  • Mindfulness and the brain - understanding basic neuroscience and why we think and behave as we do
  • Psychological, Physical and Neurological benefits to the individual
  • The benefits of a Mindful culture in the workplace
  • Mindful leadership and management
  • Practices and techniques for building a Mindful practice

Who is the trainer?

Sarah Ward – Senior Crisp Associate

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