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Making a positive difference to people’s lives through training and coaching

At Crisp Professional Development, we believe in the transformational effect of learning. Personal and professional development leads to change; it brings opportunities for progression, performance improvement, self-awareness and wellbeing.

Learning challenges and provokes us. It moves us forward.

As an organisation, we facilitate transformational learning through in-company and open training courses, leadership and management development programmes and by coaching behavioural change in teams and individuals.

We bring our knowledge, passion and unwavering belief that learning makes a difference to organisational performance and individual well-being.

Our programmes are infused with emotional intelligence, positive psychology and an appreciative mindset ensuring participative and safe learning environments.

At Crisp Professional Development, we only use qualified coaches and subject matter experts.

We operate across the UK and internationally, with a client base that includes PLCs, multi-nationals and the full range of SMEs and owner-managed businesses.

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Try our Course Directory, we offer a wide range of Open Courses in Exeter, Bristol and Yeovil and In-Company training throughout the UK.

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