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OAC plc

OAC Plc are an Actuarial and Financial Services Consultancy, with over 28 years’ experience providing professional services to their clients.

Crisp Professional Development have been working with OAC Plc for a number of years, on a range of development projects including team coaching and group facilitation.

Most recently we have been supporting their leadership team as a new appraisal process is rolled out across the organisation. A key objective was to ensure that a consistent approach was taken to appraisal conversations and reviews, and that appraisals were fully aligned to the organisational growth strategy and culture.

Working with Frances Smythe, OAC’s Head of Culture and Organisational Development, our HR-expert Coach took time to understand their specific needs and their appraisal process before creating a tailored development session to meet their requirements.

“It is always a pleasure working with Crisp – your sessions never disappoint, and the knowledge and professionalism of the team is second to none” said Frances, who attended the session.

“Jo delivered an excellent thought-provoking session that will certainly help us align our teams and individuals to the overall strategy when conducting appraisals.

We all got a greater understanding of talking about performance generally. Everyone enjoyed exploring Dan Pink’s ‘Theory of autonomy, mastery and purpose’ – connecting strengths and high performance, understanding the different levels of listening skills and how to ask better questions.

The session will really support us in improving the way we provide (and prepare for giving) feedback, particularly with the guidance on language and different styles to use when feeding back. It also gave us some clarity on how we cascade down our OAC strategy and team goals to individual goals.

All in all another great session – thank you!”

If you’re interested in developing a strategy for consistent and effective performance appraisals througout your organisation, please get in touch on 01392 409 198 or click here to drop us an email.

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