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Coaching Training For Managers

Exceptional leadership is not just a skill; it’s a fundamental pillar of organisational success. Every decision, action, and interaction is an opportunity to lead. The Coaching Training for Managers programme is designed to empower managers with the essential mindset and behaviours needed to excel in coaching roles, fostering a values-driven culture and impactful connections that set you apart.

Great coaches evolve beyond the skills that initially brought them success. Coaching training requires letting go of old habits to embrace new behaviours and ways of thinking. Our programme emphasises a coaching mindset focused on values, culture, and the intangible connections between people, rather than merely ‘doing’ tasks.

Progressive Learning Journey

This coaching training programme offers a progressive learning journey where each session builds on the last. We start with ‘Leading and Understanding Self’, then apply these insights to ‘Leading & Understanding Others’, with ample time for reflection on previous learning and action points. The in-company programme can be tailored to fit your organisational needs, culture, and outcomes.

Many clients choose to incorporate behavioural or psychometric profiling, such as Insights Discovery and EQi2.0. We support a wide variety of diagnostic tools, including 360-degree assessments. Additionally, some clients enhance the Coaching Training programme with reflective elements like learning journals or projects.

Due to the customisable nature of the course, the following content overview is for illustrative purposes:

Introduction, Session Objectives, & Contracting

Establish clear agreements and objectives for the Coaching Training programme to ensure alignment and commitment from all parties involved.

What Is Coaching?

Understand the distinction between coaching, mentoring, training, leading, and managing. Develop a coaching mindset tailored to your organisational context.

Developing A Mindset For Coaching Conversations

Cultivate a coaching mindset that emphasises active listening, empathy, and support. Recognise the importance of creating a safe and trusting environment for coaching.

The Coaching Environment & Organisational Context

Examine the organisational context and how it influences the coaching process. Learn to navigate and leverage organisational dynamics to enhance coaching effectiveness.

The Key Skills – Listening & Questioning

Master the essential skills of active listening and powerful questioning to facilitate meaningful and transformative coaching conversations.

The Balance Between Challenge & Support

Learn to strike the right balance between challenging and supporting your coaches. Understand when to push for growth and when to provide empathetic support.

The Coaching Conversation – GROW Model

Explore the GROW model (Goal, Reality, Options, Will) as a structured approach to coaching conversations. Practice using this model to guide coaches towards their goals.

Coaching Practice

Engage in practical coaching exercises to apply what you’ve learned. Receive feedback and refine your coaching techniques in a supportive environment.

This Coaching Training for Managers course is designed for middle and senior managers responsible for the personal development of their team members. Whether your only experience of coaching has been as a coach or if you are new to providing coaching, this course will equip you with the skills and structure needed to excel in coaching roles. If you want to foster a values-driven culture and create impactful leadership connections, this programme is for you.

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