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Diversity and Inclusion training

Whether we are aware we are doing it or not, we make judgements about people we meet all the time. We are all biased and we can’t help it. We might be influenced by a persons gender, race, age, size, height or disability and we form opinions on their character, their behaviours and their capability, based on these factors.

But why do we form these snap judgements about people? They are drawn from our own personal life experiences, our cultural background and also what other people (friends, family, the media) tell us about particular groups of people.

The result? We misjudge people, we sometimes then treat them unfairly and discriminate against them – whether subconsciously or otherwise. In a workplace, this can have very negative implications.

In this diversity and inclusion training course we help you to build a positive and inclusive working environment by examining the five types of bias and how to overcome them; what Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging (DIB) means and how to combat discrimination and harassment. Because legal approaches and definitions vary internationally, we urge you to seek specialist legal support where you reside.

Lesson listing:

·       What is unconscious bias?
·       Recognising the five types of unconscious bias
·       How to overcome them
·       Avoiding bias when recruiting and interviewing
·       What is diversity and inclusion?
·       Attracting and hiring diverse talent
·       How to measure diversity, inclusion and belonging
·       Building a respectful workplace
·       Harassment and discrimination
·       Bystander intervention
·       Thought leadership article

This diversity and inclusion training course is for everyone – we all meet and form opinions about people on a daily basis – so anyone who works with others would benefit from this workshop. It is particularly suitable for anyone involved in HR – recruitment, talent management, employee relations etc.

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