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HR training for Managers

HR training for Managers looks at good practice throughout the employment relationship from appointment to termination, and everything in between. Managers generally rely on the efforts of others to achieve business objectives. Most managers will admit that managing and motivating their people brings the biggest challenge in their daily work.

This HR training for Managers course sets out to clarify some of the essential principles that underpin employing and managing people successfully. It is a practical programme based on experience and insight that encourages interaction rather than a classroom study of current employment law requirements.

Our HR training for Managers workshop sizes are kept to a maximum of 12 delegates to ensure our experienced trainers have time to help individuals understand any complex points.

Starting with the essentials of forming the employment contract and recruiting the right people, the HR training for Managers course then works through employee relations, communication and performance management.

It also looks at avoiding common problems, potential areas of dispute and what to do when difficulties arise.

HR Training for Managers Course Content

  • Essential elements of the employment contract
  • The importance of recruitment and induction
  • The importance of up-to-date, appropriate policies
  • Ensuring effective communication within the workplace
  • How to manage absence effectively and empathetically
  • The need to set appropriate standards and targets and have key documentation in place
  • Terminating employment within legislative guidelines
  • Action planning for development and improvement

This HR training for Managers course is likely to be of most benefit to those just starting their management career. It will also be of interest to more senior managers in smaller organisations who are increasingly involved in managing people and the wide variety of issues this can bring.

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