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Positive Psychology training course

“Positive psychology is a scientific approach to studying human thoughts, feelings, and behaviour, with a focus on strengths instead of weaknesses. It is an approach to life and work that focuses on what works well, rather than what needs fixing. Positive Psychology calls upon us to look for solutions rather than problems, to spot strengths and not weaknesses, and to use language that reaffirms and strengthens us. Positive psychology looks at three areas of our lives:

• Positive experiences, such as happiness, joy, inspiration and love
• Positive states and traits like gratitude, resilience and compassion
• Positive institutions like organisations or governing systems

People who embrace positive psychology are more optimistic, and resilient and use their strengths. They are happier, with strong social support group and they are more fulfilled at work. What’s not to like!

In this course on positive psychology, you will learn the key definitions and background to the theories, how to apply these in your life using the most popular models and how to identify and use your strengths. We have also included a bonus thought leadership course on the Science of Making Positive Changes that Stick.

You will need something to capture your thoughts and reflections – notepad, pen or tablet.

You will get the most from this course if you close down all applications and minimize distractions. Enjoy!

Lesson listing:

• What is positive psychology?
• Neuroplasticity
• PERMA model
• Reframing language using the 3Ps
• Knowing and using your strengths
• Appreciative inquiry
• Flow states and peak experiences
• Thought leadership article

This course is for anyone that wants to help themselves and their team and colleagues be more positive and appreciative. The techniques in this positive psychology course can be used in all aspects of your life.

On-demand course

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