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Project Management course

This comprehensive Project Management Course gives you a simple, step-by-step approach to ensuring any project you have responsibility for is successful. It will also help you be well planned and stress-free as possible.

Project Management almost, always comprises doing something that has not been done before. Because of that, it carries an inherent ’risk’ of not succeeding.

During the Project Management Course, you will learn essential project management skills required. This will ensure you can reduce the risk of failure. It will give you the confidence to multi-task, co-ordinate, and delegate. This will lead to getting the project completed successfully, on time and with the resources allocated to you.

“Let our advance worrying become advance thinking and planning” Winston Churchill

A project is essentially a task that requires inputs from several contributors, has clear objectives, specified start and finish dates, and generally some limited resource with which to accomplish this. This course will teach you the project management skills necessary to juggle all of the above and still keep a calm head. It will help any organisation create a straightforward system to successfully manage small to medium sized projects and most of all it demystifies the whole topic.

Lesson listing:

·       What is project management?
·       Writing a business case
·       How to create a project plan
·       Closing a project
·       What is change management
·       How to analyse change impact
·       How to implement change projects
·       What is a project management framework
·       Critical path
·       Kanban v Scrum
·       How project managers communicate successfully
·       Putting together a communication plan
·       Organising and leading project plan meetings
·       How to conduct a post implementation review
·       Continuous improvement
·       What is a project schedule?
·       Task dependencies
·       How to create a resource plan
·       Project scheduling techniques
·       How to report on projects
·       Scoping management

This project management course is designed for people with no previous experience or training in managing projects. No previous project management training is required or assumed.

On-demand course

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