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Resilience training

Resilience is our ability to recover or rebound from setbacks.
Resilience is far more than stress management and should not be acquainted with mental toughness (although they share some of the same attributes).

By acknowledging, understanding and building our mental and emotional resilience we can tackle stress, deal with long-term issues and we can even stretch ourselves to achieve our goals.

When combined with positive psychology and fortitude, by being more resilient we are better able to reach and fulfil our greatest potential; we are more optimistic and better able to help those around us.

In this resilience course we’ll introduce you to the attributes of resilient people; look at models of resilient behaviour; and at practical tools and tips on how you can become more resilient. We have also included a bonus thought leadership course on endurance.

You will get the most from this course if you close down all other applications and minimize distractions. You can pause and return to the course at any time. Have a journal or notebook to hand for your notes and doodles.

Lesson listing:

• Resilience definitions and models
• Mental toughness
• Knowing your triggers
• Reframing language
• Setting goals
• Knowing and using your strengths
• Your resources and energy
• Summary
• Thought leadership article

This introductory course is intended for anyone who wants to learn about resilience and mental toughness.

On-demand course

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