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Team Dynamics an Introduction

We are social beings, influenced by our environment and the people within it. Our behaviour changes when we get in a group of people or a crowd. There are forces at work that mean we can achieve much more together than alone, but effective teams do not happen by accident. They need to be created and formed. They go through stages. They can break down and cease to operate effectively.
The interplay of personalities, roles, work habits, management styles, and more, can affect how teams get work done. These invisible factors, known as team dynamics, are the powerful forces that govern how people relate in executing their work tasks.
By understanding team dynamics you can improve the way your teams work together.

“Teamwork begins by building trust.” Patrick Lencioni

In this course, you’ll learn what team dynamics are, and how they can influence decision-making and efficiency in your team. We will cover the stages of team development, what makes an effective team (and what causes it to dysfunction), the common roles within a team and tips for managing a multi-generational team.

And the end of the course you will have a better understanding of the forces at work that influence group behaviour, and how you can harness them to create a high performing team.

Lesson listing:

• Team dynamics and why they matter
• Stages of team development
• What makes a team effective
• Common roles within a team
• Characteristics of high performing teams
• Why teams underperform
• Common team problems and how to resolve them
• Team communication
• Managing a multigenerational team
• Thought leadership article

This course is for anyone who is leading a team or is part of a team and seeks to understand how teams function.

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