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Essential Coaching and Mentoring skills, v1

Coaching and Mentoring

This course is for anyone that wants to improve their interactions with colleagues in the workplace. You could be a manager, a team leader or someone who works in project teams.

This courses looks at coaching as an individually focussed, personal development tool you can offer staff at all organisational levels. It examines the skills required to become a good coach, when and how to introduce coaching and how to keep it on the development agenda. It will also help you develop a strategy for structuring a session and to recognise when it is time to withdraw from a coaching relationship.

The learning themes in this course are:

  • Coaching definitions
  • Differences between coaching, training and mentoring
  • The organisational context for coaching
  • Overcoming any barriers to coaching
  • The skills of the coach and mentor
  • Questions, listening, rapport building and providing feedback
  • How to use various coaching models – such as GROW and OSKAR
  • How to address an ethical dilemmas
  • The importance of support and supervision for the coach

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