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Introduction to Effective People Management Training, v1

Introduction to Effective Management

Our Introduction to Effective Management course will provide you with excellent people management skills – an essential element of becoming an effective manager. This course teaches the basics of good self-management and team management skills and tackles areas such as recognising team strengths and delegating as well as learning how to communicate, inspire, motivate and reward.

This course is designed for first time managers. You will either be about to begin a new role as manager or will have just started your new role, or you will have been managing a team for a while and need to enhance your skills in order to have more impact in your role.

By the end of this course, you will be able to communicate, delegate and motivate your team effectively in order to achieve your set organisational goals. You’ll know how to employ basic managerial styles, recognise the impact different styles have on different team members and you’ll be able to adapt them to ensure you get the best out of your team in a way that makes them feel inspired and motivated to work with you.

If we look at some behaviours of good managers and leaders we should see most of the following in evidence:

  • Listening lots and talking little – 80:20 rule
  • The use of open-questioning techniques to get people thinking
  • A strong focus on the positive
  • A focus on solutions rather than problems
  • Behaving consistently with everyone
  • Strong communication skills
  • Asking rather than telling
  • A positive attitude to change
  • Excellent interpersonal skills

Do you see these in evidence in your workplace? Do you do them? This course will provide you with a solid foundation to role model these positive managerial behaviours.

The course is made of up various components that make up effective management. You will also get a full resource guide to keep that supports the e-learning modules.

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