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Behavioural Leadership Theory, v1

Leadership Theories and Behaviours

A leader is a dealer in hope


Books are published every month on leadership. It’s a glamorous topic, the holy grail of politics and business. Some leaders are cultural icons – Steve Jobs, Gandhi, Churchill, Obama – their words, deeds and behaviours are analysed and copied. Are leaders created or born? Can you teach charisma? These and many similar questions occupy leadership theories.

This course introduces the learner to five of the most common leadership theories:

Transactional and Transformational

Level 5 Leadership

Situational Leadership

Tannenbaum and Schmidt

Emotionally Intelligent Leadership

It gives you practical tools to use these models to help you become a better leader. Whether you work in a small business or a large organisation, or run your own company, a knowledge of leadership theory can help you lead better. No longer does one style fit all. Rather the most effective leaders are able to flex their styles and approaches to empower people and drive their organisations onward.

As a bonus, we have included the lesson on Vision, Mission and Strategy.

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