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Advanced Communication Course, v1

Advanced Communication Course

Welcome to your course on the three components of ‘next level’ communication skills. This course has three elements:

The Art of Persuasion and Influence:

You will learn about the different approaches to influencing, the benefits of adopting different styles to suit the situation and person, and how you can influence better to motivate, and form relationships.

Dealing with Difficult Behaviours:

Recognising and understanding the cause or causes of difficult behaviour is vital in the creation of a working environment where everyone is treated equally and are afforded the same opportunities. Outside of the workplace we will meet many people, and some from time to time will display behaviour that we find challenging

Giving and Receiving Feedback:

Providing feedback is an essential skill for the manager. Done correctly, it empowers and creates learning opportunities. Done badly and it can undermine confidence and crush potential. In this course we will guide you through the various models of giving effective feedback so that you can you improve potential and performance. 

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