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Positive Psychology in the Workplace, v1

Positive Psychology in the Workplace

Welcome! This course is for anyone interested in applying positive psychology techniques in their workplace. Log in to access the course.

Positive Psychology is an approach to life and work that focuses on what works well, rather than what needs fixing. It calls upon us to look for solutions rather than problems, to spot strengths and not weaknesses, and to use language that reaffirms and strengthens us.

This course pays particular attention to applying these approaches in the workplace. If you are looking for more of a personal development course, we suggest you look at our Wellbeing Programme.

People who embrace positive psychology are more optimistic, resilient and use their strengths. They are happier, with strong social support groupings and fulfilled at work. What’s not to like!

Learning themes covered in this course are:

Definitions and the science of positive psychology

The PERMA and 3Ps models

How to reframe language and KPIs to focus on solutions

How to spot and use your strengths

Appreciative Inquiry – how to create a positive organisation.

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