Presentation Skills, Writing and Effective Meetings



Communication in the workplace isn’t just on a 1-2-1 to basis. We have to give presentations to groups, attend meetings and write compelling proposals to persuade and influence others.

This course will help improve your deliver of presentations with confidence and energy resulting in an enthusiastic and inspired audience.  You’ll learn how to remove the worry that many of us feel before delivering a presentation, structure a clear and concise message and deliver it efficiently and engagingly to restore your own joy in public speaking.

Do you want to understand the basic rules of writing clear, concise and compelling copy? The written word is powerful, if done correctly. We’ll help you craft that message.

How productive are the business meetings that you attend? Would you agree, there is plenty of room for improvement? Today, meetings are an integral part of business communication. However, we need to make sure our meetings are properly planned, delivered and followed-up in the right way.