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Being a Leader

The question ‘what is leadership?’ is often met with a response driven by leadership skills – what leaders do – and the personality traits required for leadership. Our Being a Leader programme takes a different approach.

Great leaders do not become great by continuing to do the same things that made them successful earlier in their career. Leadership requires, first, a letting go of previous skills in order to create space to acquire new behaviours and ways of being. The leadership mindset is more about values, culture, the connections between people (often intangibles) than it is about ‘doing’ stuff.

As such, this leadership programme is less about learning new skills. Instead, we create time and space for reflection and integrated learning, focusing on behaviours to drive an appreciation of what leadership means to the individual and their organisation. This challenging yet supportive environment enables participants to make an impact, whilst remaining true to their values and beliefs.

This leadership development programme is designed to create a progressive learning journey – each session builds on the last. We begin with Leading and Understanding Self, before applying this understanding to Leading and Understanding Others. There is time to reflect on previous learning and action points. The in-company programme will be shaped to fit your organisational needs, culture and outcomes.

Many clients choose to include behavioural or psychometric profiling as part of their leadership programme – with Insights Discovery and EQi2.0 being the most popular. However, we can support a wide variety of diagnostic tools, including 360 degree assessments. Other clients have added in a reflective element in the form of a learning journal and/or a project or ‘homework’.

You can also supplement the programme with 1-2-1 coaching support.

Due to the customizable nature of the course the following content overview is for illustrative purposes:

  • Three way contracting and success
  • Your context (values and leadership competencies)
  • Self awareness
  • Learning styles
  • Transactional analysis in the workplace
  • Recognising personality types
  • Developing a growth mindset
  • Working with your strengths
  • Neuroplasticity for leadership
  • Emotional intelligence

This programme is for senior management teams and boards in organisations of all sizes.

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