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Coaching and Mentoring skills training

Coaching and Mentoring Skills Training is The art of enabling someone to have their own insights.

This Coaching and Mentoring skills training is individually focussed. You will also gain personal development tools that you can offer staff at all organisational levels. It examines the skills required to become a good coach, when and how to introduce coaching and how to keep it on the development agenda. It will also help you develop a strategy for structuring a session. As well as this, it will teach you to recognise when it is time to withdraw from a coaching relationship.

The approaches learned in this course transcend the workplace, and be used in everyday life to improve relationships and communication.

You will also learn how to differentiate between coaching, mentoring and training approaches, and to use each one at the right time in the correct context.

“You cannot teach a man anything. You can only help him discover it within himself.” Galileo

Coaching is about facilitating the performance, learning and development of another. It enables people to perform better by building on their current knowledge. You are not trying to ‘teach’ a person when coaching, it is about allowing that individual to learn by unlocking their potential and maximising performance.
Coaching skills are being adopted by many organisations as a style of management.  Instead of directing staff and giving detailed instructions on how to approach a task, they enable their staff to resolve challenges for themselves by providing support, challenge, feedback and guidance, but rarely answers. Through this approach, a company-wide ‘coaching culture’ can emerge.
Lesson topics:
• Coaching, mentoring and training definitions
• The benefits of coaching
• Overcoming the organisational barriers to coaching
• Skills, behaviours and knowledge of the coach
• Coaching and mentoring communication skills
• Dealing with ethical dilemmas
• Coaching models, including GROW and OSKAR
• How to manage a coaching process
• Summary

This coaching and mentoring course is for anyone who wants to improve their interactions with colleagues in the workplace. You could be a manager, a team leader or someone who works in a project team. You could also use this course as a starting point for formal coach training.

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