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Effective Communication Courses

Communication skills course

“The meaning of the communication is the response you get”.
Have you heard of the term ‘open and honest’ communication? Or ‘effective’ communication? What do they mean? It is a desire to build a relationship with other people that is based on mutual understanding and trust. A way to get your message across (and to receive messages) that is beneficial to the relationship.

There are people who you find it easy to communicate with, and others where it is more difficult. Misunderstandings can plant the seeds for conflict to grow. Have you ever said something like: “I just don’t get them” or “They are not on my wavelength”?

The effective communication strategies that we cover in this course can help bridge these gaps, leading to fewer misunderstandings and more productive relationships.

“The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” George Bernard Shaw

This communication course contains all you need to know to improve the effectiveness of your communication. It contains lessons which will help you build relationships, understand and learn more and assert yourself when communicating. You will discover the benefits of effective communication and how to overcome the barriers to communicating.

You will learn how to become a better listener and how this will help you build rapport. As a bonus, we have included a thought leadership lesson by Kate Murphy on the Science of Effective Listening.

Lesson listing:
• What is communication
• Verbal, non-verbal and written communication
• Removing barriers to communication
• Choosing the right communication method
• Improving verbal communication skills
• The art of listening
• Asking great questions
• Ending a conversation positively
• Building rapport and fostering trust
• Thought Leadership article

This communication skills course is for anyone wanting to improve the quality of their verbal, written and body language communication.

On-demand course

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