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Customer Service Excellence

Our Customer Service Excellence training course will show you how great customer relation skills will give your company the edge and keep your customers happy and loyal.

The customer experience is the key differentiator between businesses. Excellence in customer relationships creates a positive brand image and ensures your customer will return or refer your product / service to someone else.

This course will build on your present customer service skills and introduce new ones. You will enhance your skills in communication, learn how to project a more confident and professional image and develop the skills to handle challenging people and situations to ensure the best possible customer experience.

This course will show you why managing customers’ expectations and handling dissatisfaction are vital to an organisation’s success.

We will teach you how to act in a professional manner in person and on the phone. We will demonstrate the importance of managing your client’s expectations. We will teach you skills and techniques to help you become a better listener and to elicit important information in a friendly and professional manner.
Lesson listing:
·       What is customer service and why does it matter
·       Balancing personable with professional
·       Communicating effectively with your customers
·       Active listening
·       Customer service conversation starters
·       Expressing empathy
·       Soliciting and responding to customer feedback
·       Personalizing customer interactions to build rapport
·       Customer communication channels
·       Why customers get upset
·       Gaining control of customer conversations
·       Responding to abusive customers
·       A guide to retaining customers

This course is designed for anyone who has a client-facing role and who wants to make their job easier by being able to communicate in a professional and constructive way with clients.

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