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Dealing with Conflict

Recognising and understanding the cause or causes of difficult behaviour is vital in the creation of a working environment where everyone is treated equally and afforded the same opportunities. Outside of the workplace we will meet many people and some from time to time will display behaviour that we find challenging.

Conflict is a natural and powerful phenomenon that contributes significantly to the quality of life and work. Positive conflict can provide organisations with opportunities. They can benefit from the diversity of their employees and gain fulfilling working relationships that will lead to better work outcomes and innovation. On the other hand, conflict can be destructive, destroying morale, reducing performance and directly affecting employee welfare and organisational success. The understanding and skill required to successfully handle conflict and resolve disputes, will lead to improved employee relationships, enhanced productivity and decreased levels of absenteeism.

“Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent” Eleanor Roosevelt.

In this on-demand course, you will learn how to handle difficult and challenging conversations and how to deal with conflict. We start by looking at assertive communication and why we react (negatively) to some behaviours (our emotional hijack). We then show you the different types of difficult situations you may encounter in the workplace and look at how to deal with common causes of workplace conflict.
Lesson listing:
·       What is assertiveness?
·       How to communicate assertively
·       DESC model
·       Why do we react to some behaviours?
·       Defusing aggression
·       How to have a difficult conversation
·       How to overcome your fear of confrontation and conflict
·       Common workplace issues and how to handle them
·       Dealing with different communication styles
·       Common causes of workplace conflict
·       How to mediate
·       Conflict resolution
·       Thought leadership article

This course on Dealing with Conflict is for anyone who wants to communicate more assertively, handle challenging situations better and learn how to mediate with others who are in conflict.

On-demand course

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