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Developing a Growth Mindset

“A growth mindset is “the belief that abilities and understanding can be developed”.

In 2006 American psychologist Dr Carole Dweck introduced her theories of growth and fixed mindset in the book Mindset: The New Psychology of Success. People were placed on a continuum between the two based on their views about where talent comes from: is it innate (you are born with it) or can it be developed through hard work?

In this short introductory course we discuss Dweck’s model and how it can be used to help us develop self-awareness, embrace change and overcome obstacles. We look at how, if we develop a growth mindset, we learn, we are more open-minded and more likely to lead a meaningful life.

Can you become an expert in anything in 10,000 hours? How can you overcome fixed mindset thinking (in yourself and others) to move outside of the comfort zone?

We answer these questions and more in this course. We have also included a thought leadership article by Brad Staats on Never Stop Learning.

You will get the most from this course if you close down all other applications and minimize distractions. You can pause and return to the course at any time.

Lesson list:
• Growth and fixed mindsets
• Developing a growth mindset
• Marginal gains
• The 10,000 hours rule of practice
• Summary
• Thought leadership article

The course on developing a growth mindset is for anyone interested in learning about the practical applications of Carol Dweck’s model. You may be responsible for motivating other people, be a coach in training, a project manager or a new leader.

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