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Insights Discovery

Discovering Team Effectiveness

Insights Discovery

Our Discovering Team Effectiveness course helps teams find their balance and give their best performance, even during the most difficult times.

Our Discovering Team Effectiveness course provides a team with the framework it needs to identify the most pressing and important issues. We help to diagnose and confront problems, improve relationships and inspire success.

Effective teams are the building blocks of successful organisations, so it’s vital that they are balanced, focused and cohesive. Every team will have some defining moments to face – for example, a change of leader, the merging of two teams, or the chance to reach for new heights of success. We can help successful teams shine, by maximising their true potential and readying them to make the most of opportunities when they come along. We also help teams in difficulty improve their dynamic, enabling them to effectively meet challenges as they arise.

With Discovering Team Effectiveness, each team member receives an Insights Discovery Personal Profile. This helps each person appreciate the unique value they bring to the team. Then, through facilitated discussions, exercises and breakout sessions, the team can learn how their individual and team preferences affect team dynamics and performance. The results? Clear and practical action plans that accelerate the team’s progress towards their goals.

This one day Discovering Team Effectiveness course will examine the four key elements of an effective team, focusing on;

  • Process – A team with strong processes will thrive on its mix of skills, aligned priorities, and ability to measure individual and team performance
  • Climate – A team with a healthy climate shows up as cohesive under pressure, encourages candour and doesn’t leave any one member behind
  • Flow – A team in flow has an open dialogue, space for new ideas, is agile, innovative and always ready to respond when needed
  • Focus – A team with a clear focus will have a shared vision, be accountable and have a strong commitment to delivering results

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