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Insights Discovery

Discovering Sales Effectiveness

Insights Discovery

Discovering Sales Effectiveness is Insights foundation programme for salespeople who want to develop their skills, improve their interactions with customers and apply a people-centred approach to sales.

This programme takes the learning from Insights Discovery and applies it in a sales setting. It will explore how preference and behaviour can impact customers at each stage of the sale. Our Discovering Sales Effectiveness solution uses the familiar four-colour model. It will personalise it for salespeople in order to build a better understanding of both themselves and their customers. By developing their awareness of self and others, sales professionals can adapt their own unique selling style, to build better customer relationships.

The programme includes a facilitated session as well as an in-depth personal profile session. This will assess every salesperson’s strengths and development areas at each stage of the Insights six-stage selling model. Understanding their own selling style at each of the stages, learners will develop strategies to immediately impact every customer conversation. This programme can fit alongside existing sales training and methodologies, serving as a useful framework to address the human element of sales. Supporting your salespeople to develop and refine a people-centred approach makes a positive difference to how customers experience your organisation.

Our Discovering Sales Effectiveness solution provides sales professionals with a rich and inspirational learning experience to help them;

  • Understand their preferred style and approach at every stage of the sale and start to refine their approach for even more impact
  • Connect easily with potential customers by recognising their preferences and behaviours
  • Influence better outcomes from conversations and improve the customer experience by adopting a more person-centred approach to sales
  • Deliver immediate results by applying a practical 4 model to every customer conversation
  • Create individual action plans and feel driven and energised to fulfil their sales potential

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