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Embracing Change

“The single greatest constant of history is that everything changes.” Yuval Hoah Harari, Homo Deus

In our increasingly complex professional and personal environments, change appears to be the only constant. Leaders are increasingly being asked to make decisions that may have profound effects on the working and personal lives of those they lead.
Individuals are having to process change more quickly. It is often a challenge to keep up with changes in technology and innovation. Working practices have evolved. How we learn, parent and shop is evolving.

If you are a leader, having a robust understanding of change theory helps to provide a framework whereby you can make more informed decisions and develop change programmes that build a stimulus for change, engage employees and are more likely to be successful.

“We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.”

In this course on change and transition you will discover and challenge your assumptions about change. We start with defining the difference between transition and change and how we deal with both (through our feelings, behaviours and language).

You will then learn about the key change models, both for individuals and in change management settings in organisations. We finish by using a positive psychology approach to managing a change process. We have also included a thought leadership piece on how to change for the better.

Lesson listing:

• Change and transition – definitions
• Fishers transition curve
• The three steps models
• Two organisational change management models
• Force field analysis
• Using appreciative inquiry to guide change
• Thought leadership article

This course is for you if:

• You’ve resisted a change because it was forced upon you
• You’ve concentrated on the negative impact rather than the possibilities
• You’d like to understand your personal and group beliefs about change
• It would be useful to feel more in control of personal and organisational changes

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