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Emotional Intelligence training

“Awareness of ourself and others, and its application in managing our inner world and our relationships, is the essence of emotional intelligence” Daniel Goleman

Have you met someone who seems to have an innate ability for connecting with people? They are much more attuned to the feelings of others and as such can create a sense of trust and understanding in a matter of minutes.

Successful and effective people often display a range of behaviours and beliefs that are at first hard to categorise. They are great ‘people’ people, good listeners, first-class communicators, visionaries who have a handle on the detail. There’s a good chance these people are ’emotionally intelligent’.

Emotional intelligence is the term used for a collective set of learned behaviours (as distinct from IQ, or our reasoning, data driven intelligence). In this course you’ll learn how to develop and enhance your emotional intelligence to better understand yourself and other people.

“Self-awareness is curative”

In this course we will explore the behaviours and competencies that lead to enhanced Emotional Intelligence (EI), and how these lead to more effective functioning in the workplace. Because all change starts with self, we introduce you to various models and techniques to help you understand emotions and make you more self-aware.

You will then learn about social intelligence and the importance of building empathy. We conclude with placing emotional intelligence within a leadership context. As a bonus we have included a thought leadership article by Molly West Duffy and Liz Fosslien, authors of No Hard Feelings: The Secret Power of Embracing Emotions at Work.

Lesson listing:

• Definitions and models of emotional and social intelligence
• Neuroscience
• Understanding emotions and emotional hijack
• Improving self-awareness
• Boosting your self-regulation
• Models to help understand ourselves and other people
• Strategies for building empathy
• The importance of empathy at work
• Communicating with empathy
• Emotional intelligence and leadership
• Thought leadership article

This emotional intelligence course is for anyone interested in developing their self-awareness and empathy. Also, for people in organisations who want to lead and manage in a deeper way.

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