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Everyday Leadership

Everyday Leadership is the concept that you can connect with people, motivate and encourage them without having any formal positional power or authority. It is a way of being – a mindset that governs one’s actions in the community and in the workplace. We can better understand someone, enable a significant change and communicate in a positive way by adopting the mindset of an everyday leader.

Psychology Today defines Everyday Leadership as: “an individual who, regardless of formal title or authority, influences others to achieve shared objectives for the good of the collective.”

Since all change and awareness begins with ourselves, we start with understanding and leading self. We use a number of models to introduce you to self-awareness, including learning styles, transactional analysis and emotional intelligence. We show you how the latest neuroscience research is demonstrating how we can adapt our behaviour and mindset.

We then move on to how this self awareness can be used to better understand, motivate and empathise with people. How you can adapt a varied communication style to suit the person and situation and how to listen better to build rapport. Finally we talk about your personal resilience.

Course outline:

  • Self-awareness and neuroplasticity
  • Learning styles
  • Parent adult child
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Empathy, emotional hijack and catastrophizing
  • Communication, listening and rapport
  • Assertiveness
  • Building your personal resilience

Taking elements from our leadership development programmes we have created a course that is for everyone in your organisation. It takes the themes and topics of our programmes aimed at those in leadership positions and applies them to all people, irrespective of what title they hold or role they undertake.

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