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Interviewing, Recruiting and Talent Management skills

In today’s busy world, it is not always easy to devote enough time to recruitment and onboarding activities. However, choosing the wrong candidate and the lack of an onboarding plan will cost your organisation thousands of pounds in money, time and lost productivity – and cost you a significant amount of time.

When it comes to adding to your team, it pays to get the interviewing and onboarding experience right first time. Employing people that are unsuitable for your organisation or for a particular role can lead to high staff turnover, issues with employee morale and significant unnecessary costs.
Onboarding isn’t as simple as a day one process of filling out forms and attending a company presentation. A well-planned and delivered onboarding experience directly influences the engagement, motivation and performance of your new starter as well as your reputation as an employer.

The key to getting it right is careful planning, a clear strategy and a focus on fairness.

This course will steer away from the HR policy type content and focus more on the personal rapport building skills and body language.

It will cover the whole process, not just interviewing but also planning and giving sufficient time to be effective.

Lesson listing:

·       The recruitment process
·       Reviewing CVs
·       Preparing and planning the interview
·       The different types of interview
·       Tips for effective interviewing
·       Ways to reduce recruiter bias
·       Following up the interview
·       What is talent management?
·       Attracting and sourcing talent
·       How to develop talent within your organisation
·       Onboarding yourself
·       Overcoming imposter syndrome

This workshop will support all those who interview and recruit new starters; whether their role be creating job adverts, undertaking shortlisting, preparing great interview questions, interviewing candidates or making offers and welcoming new employees.

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