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Introduction to Leadership course

“A leader is a dealer in hope”, Napoleon. Books are published every month on leadership. TED lectures are given, blogs are written and videos uploaded. PhD theses are researched, written and defended. It’s a glamorous topic, the holy grail of politics and business. Some leaders are cultural icons – Steve Jobs, Gandhi, Churchill, Obama – their words, deeds and behaviours are analysed and copied. Are leaders created or born? Can you teach charisma? These and many similar questions occupy leadership theories.

In this course on leadership theories we look at the main approaches to leadership, giving you some theoretical background and practical applications for how you can lead others in the workplace and beyond. We look at the different leadership styles and theories, leadership ethics and how power dynamics play out for leaders.
As a bonus, we have included a thought leadership course by the authors of the CEO Next Door.
Lesson listing:
• What is leadership?
• Transactional and transformational leadership
• Laissez-Faire leadership
• Autocratic and democratic leadership
• Emotional intelligence and leadership
• Situational leadership
• Leadership power
• Leading with vision
• Ethical leadership and why it’s important
• Summary – authentic leadership
• Thought leadership article

This course is for anyone interested in learning about leadership theory. We provide some insights into how to practically use the theories in the workplace, therefore, it will also appeal to aspiring and new leaders looking to bolster their knowledge.

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