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Managing Blended Teams

The concept of virtual or remote teams is not a new phenomenon. However, advances in technology, globalisation, organisational structures and ways of working have meant that this approach has grown significantly over the last few years, especially throughout the Covid19 pandemic.

Team leaders are now faced with having to manage hybrid or blended teams, where some people work remotely, others flexibly from the office and at home and others who may be working in the office all the time.

Consequently, managers that are asked to lead these teams not only face the usual leadership dilemmas, but they also have to be able to adapt to these challenges in an environment where the rules have changed. Managing blended teams requires a different approach. It means developing new skills, communication methodologies and techniques to get the best out of teams and improve organisational and personal performance.

We have created a course that covers both the psychological (mindset) and practical considerations when managing a hybrid team. We start by looking at the ‘new normal’ and how people deal with change, laying the groundwork for hybrid working. You will then learn how to overcome the challenges of hybrid working and how to manage remote teams specifically.
You will get the most from this course if you close down all other applications and minimize distractions. You can pause and return to the course at any time.

Lesson listing:

• Definition of a team
• Challenges and opportunities of blended teams
• Accepting the new normal
• Building trust and respect
• Maintaining culture
• Communication and collaboration
• Managing training and the learning mindset
• Best practice for managing remote teams
• Increasing accountability of remote teams
• Summary

This course on managing blended teams is for any manager who has responsibility for a blended, hybrid or remote team.

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