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Marketing course

From idea to product to profit and everything in between, marketing is the process of creating, promoting, and distributing a product. Done successfully, it satisfies consumers and generates profits.

Is it advertising? Is it sales? Is it research? Modern marketing includes all these and more. From behavioural psychology to data analytics, economics, and graphic art – today’s marketing department incorporates various disciplines.

This course will introduce you to the core marketing concepts, whether you work in a marketing department, have responsibility for marketing in a small business or charity, or are simply interested in the subject.

We start by introducing the concept of marketing (both traditional and digital) and the 4Ps of the marketing mix (product, price, place and promotion) as well as examining USPs and the marketing funnel.

We then look at customer and market research, product marketing, how to develop your brand and finally we examine the art and science of content marketing.

Lesson listing:

·       What is marketing?
·       Traditional and digital marketing
·       The marketing mix
·       Developing a marketing plan
·       Understanding the marketing funnel
·       Customer and market research
·       How to create personas
·       Product marketing
·       7 steps for a successful product launch
·       What is branding?
·       Developing your brand personality
·       How to tell a brand story
·       Considerations for rebranding
·       Creating content for your target audience
·       Developing your voice
·       Developing your content strategy
·       Creating content for the marketing funnel
·       Business blogging basics

This course is for anyone interested in marketing. It provides an introduction to the traditional aspects of marketing including: the marketing funnel, planning, branding, customer and market research, content creation and product marketing.

Digital marketing is covered in-depth in the companion course: Digital Marketing Fundamentals

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