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Negotiation, Influence & Persuasion skills

Influence is the ability of a person or leader to affect, to shape, or to transform the opinions (convincing) and the behaviours or actions (persuading) of other people without necessarily having a formal authority over them. Persuasion skills allow us to get things done and to achieve desired outcomes without coercion.

Negotiation, on the other hand, is how people settle differences and reach an agreement. A common example is negotiating a business contract. There is often a back-and-forth period in which both parties discuss contract terms such as budget, timeline, and deliverables.

This course will focus on the skills and characteristics that contribute to successful persuasion, influence and negotiation. You will learn to enhance your interpersonal and communication skills to broaden your perspectives, be flexible and connect with others to achieve the win-win situation.

“Good negotiation is not about getting everything your own way. It is about balancing each other.” David Oliver
In this course you will learn about the different approaches to influencing, the benefits of adopting different styles to suit the situation and person, and how you can influence better to motivate, and form relationships.
We introduce the main persuasion models, the three types of negotiation and the tactics you can use to improve your chances of success.

Lesson listing:

·       It started with the Greeks
·       The science of persuasion
·       Four modes of influence
·       Persuasion tactics
·       Negotiation v. Persuasion
·       Negotiation tactics
·       Improving your negotiation and persuasion skills
·       Summary

This on-demand course on persuasion, Negotiation, Influencing and Persuasion is for anyone wishing to develop their communication skills and increase their self-awareness when interacting with others.

On-demand course

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