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Performance Management training

“There is no failure, only feedback”

Have you been on the receiving end of a poor performance review? Was it a one-way conversation, perhaps done annually? Or are you a new manager, nervous about having performance conversations.

There is a current and very definite shift in many organisations and sectors towards adopting a more ‘continuous’ approach to performance management and a moving away from the time-heavy investment and effort involved in the typical annual appraisal process of a formal review meeting and completing a form or ‘ticking the box’.

Continuous Performance Management (CPM) places a greater emphasis on managers holding more regular, and often more informal, performance conversations with their employees and where there often is a greater focus on development, coaching and feedback.

Performance management is a continuous process that takes an all-encompassing approach to people management. Its goal is to develop, correct, sustain, and improve individual performance – thus benefiting your staff and your organisation as a whole. And of course, conversations are at the heart of this.

In this course you will learn how to have productive performance conversations, how to give great feedback that is empowering and how to manage potentially difficult reactions.

Lesson listing:

• What is performance management
• Tips for improving poor performance
• Managing high achievers
• Conducting effective performance reviews
• Continuous performance management
• Introduction to feedback
• Giving effective employee feedback
• Some feedback models
• Handling difficult reactions to feedback

This performance management course is for line managers and HR professionals who are interested in developing their skills to have continuous performance conversations.

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