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Positive Psychology & Resilience training

Positive psychology supports our ability to tap into our strengths and increase our wellbeing and resilience. Working with strengths makes people more confident, energetic, more engaged and increases performance, self-esteem and personal growth.

A resilience course is far more than stress management – by acknowledging, understanding and building our mental and emotional resilience we can tackle stress, deal with long term issues and we can even stretch ourselves to achieve our goals, reaching and fulfilling our greatest potential and feeling on top of the world.

This one day resilience course introduces techniques from positive psychology to enable you to take control and increase levels of personal responsibility. It focuses on the self, how our mind-set influences our behaviours which in turn creates our reality.

Course Content

  • Our reality – it’s all invented. “We don’t describe the world we see; we see the world we describe”
  • Think, Feel, Action, Result
  • Cause and effect – being in control
  • Be aware of your emotions and their impact on your actions
  • Working with strengths
  • The power of your positive mind-set
  • Being more present – paying attention to the mind and body
  • Adding joy to life to build resilience
  • Know your purpose – enhance your wellbeing and happiness
  • Stretching ourselves and building new neural pathways
  • Creating realistic, positive and achievable goals


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