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Effective Communication Courses

Meetings, Presentations and Business Writing

Communication in the workplace isn’t just on a 1-2-1 to basis. We have to give presentations to groups, attend meetings and write compelling proposals to persuade and influence others. The Presentation Skills, Writing and Effective Meetings course will help improve your delivery of presentations with confidence and energy, resulting in an enthusiastic and inspired audience.

You’ll learn how to remove the worry that many of us feel before delivering a presentation, structure a clear and concise message and deliver it efficiently and engagingly to restore your own joy in public speaking.

Do you want to understand the basic rules of writing clear, concise and compelling copy? In this Presentation Skills, Writing and Effective Meetings course, you will learn that the written word is powerful if done correctly. We’ll help you craft that message.

How productive are the business meetings that you attend? Would you agree that there is plenty of room for improvement? Today, meetings are an integral part of business communication. However, we need to make sure our meetings are properly planned, delivered, and followed up in the right way.

Meetings: How to set an agenda, facilitate an effective meeting and manage any difficult situations that may arise;

Presentations: How to prepare and deliver impactful presentations using visual aids;

Business writing: How to communicate effectively using the right medium to get your message across.

Lesson listing:

·       Running an effective meeting
·       Setting an agenda
·       Group facilitation techniques
·       Building consensus
·       Managing conflict
·       Speaking up in meetings
·       How to structure your presentation
·       Working with visual aids
·       Presenting data
·       Practicing your presentations
·       Coping with presentation nerves
·       How to write with purpose
·       Writing for your audience
·       How to structure your writing

If you’ve ever felt nervous before a presentation, failed to make an impact at a meeting or worried over your use of the written word, then this course is for you.

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