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Sales training course

This comprehensive sales training programme covers all you need to know to increase your confidence when selling.

When you tell someone that you work in sales, how do they react? Some people may respond positively because they assume you enjoy fast-paced, extroverted work. Others may fall prey to old stereotypes that paint salespeople as pushy or even deceptive. Working in sales isn’t easy, not only because of the demands of the job but also because of how salespeople can sometimes be perceived.

In truth, sales is based on relationship-building and that is what our sales training is focused on. The best salespeople excel at making connections – a far cry from the aggressive techniques that too many people still associate with sales. Although the skills necessary for success in sales may seem mysterious or elusive, many experienced salespeople follow well-practiced strategies that those new to the field can easily adopt which is what makes our sales training so effective.

Sales describe the activities and operations that lead to an exchange of goods or services for money. Salespeople connect with prospective buyers to give them a solution they need.
With an infinite number of products, services, and consumers, a successful sale requires imagination, curiosity, and creativity. Effective salespeople know that their work is less about money than it is about human connection. In this sales training course, we show you how to make those connections.

Sales Training Course Listing:

• Introduction to sales
• The sales pipeline
• Essential sales tools
• Sales and marketing
• The importance of ethics in sales
• Sales communication skills
• Psychology of selling
• Understanding why people buy
• Succeeding in sales as an introvert
• Dealing with rejection
• How to use body language
• How to sell to different personality types
• Prospecting – making cold and warm calls
• Developing your proposal
• Making a sales presentation
• Role of storytelling in sales
• Translating features into benefits
• Handling objections
• Sales negotiation
• Closing the sale

This sales training course is for anyone new to sales who wants some practical techniques to use to build better relationships. People who have worked in sales for a long time without formal training will also find it of value.

On-demand course

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