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Stress Management course

Think of stress as your body’s natural defence mechanism. When you experience a demand or threat (whether real or imagined), stress hormones flood your body, preparing you to react. You become more alert, your muscles tighten, and your heart rate quickens. This is known as your body’s “fight or flight” reaction or “stress response.”

Stress isn’t all bad. In manageable doses, stress can be helpful. But when stress becomes chronic, it can negatively impact our health, focus, and workplace productivity.

In this course we show you how to manage stress effectively, how to use it for optimal performance to avoid burnout. We also give you some practical methods for dealing with stress, such as grounding and meditation exercises, journaling and relaxing techniques.

In this course we’ll introduce you to the definitions of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ stress and how to understand your body’s reaction to stress by identifying your triggers. The next section is concerned with workplace performance and pressure: how to maintain focus, perform well and avoid burnout.

In the final section we give you practical strategies for managing stress, including meditation, physical exercise, relaxation and changing the way you think.

Lesson listing:

·       What is stress?
·       Understanding your body’s reaction to stress
·       Identifying and managing your stress triggers
·       Good v bad stress
·       Relationship between pressure and performance
·       How to manage stress and increase mental focus
·       What is burnout?
·       Recovering from burnout
·       Healthy v unhealthy ways of coping with stress
·       A guide to meditation
·       Exercise for stress relief
·       Journaling
·       Relaxation techniques
·       Sensory-based strategies for reducing stress quickly

This stress management course is for anyone who would like to take back control of their working and personal lives when dealing with stressful situations.

On-demand course

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