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Is your HR activity aligned with HR trends for 2023?

January 24, 2023
HR trends in 2023

Do you plan to do any of the following over the next 12 months:

  • Recruiting?
  • Interviewing?
  • Onboarding?
  • Running performance reviews?

If you’re an HR manager or you have any responsibility for recruitment, interviewing, performance reviews etc, you’ll know how much the landscape has changed over the last few years.

Whereas once you may have been recruiting for team members you were going to end up working alongside, the jobs you are recruiting for these days are more likely to include hybrid working patterns or be entirely virtual, meaning you might rarely cross paths with a new employee. Similarly, onboarding and performance reviews may all take place partially or entirely online.

So how do you build trust and loyalty with new and existing employees when people are rarely in the same building together?

Here are some of the predicted HR trends for 2023 to be aware of when taking on new team members and looking after those you already work with: 

  • Flexibility – employees on the whole are seeking a better work/life balance, meaning that organisations need be aware of that when putting together job profiles and re-visiting employee benefits
  • Salary transparency – as a way of encouraging openness and trust amongst employees, but also to help put an end to the gender pay gap, salary ranges should be outlined on job adverts
  • Well-being – with the cost-of-living crisis expected to impact upon employee mental and physical health even more this year, providing an environment that actively supports team members in looking after their health (by encouraging better nutrition, exercise, well-being days etc.) will go a long way to support those in your team that might be finding it tough *

Some of the HR themes we’ve supported our clients with over the past few months include:

If you need help with development in any of these areas, to help keep your people management relevant for 2023, please get in touch – we’d love to help you.

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