Time Management Skills Training



This comprehensive time management skills programme contains three courses and a bonus article on When, by Dan Pink. As well as the core time management skills, we have included our courses on Prioritisation and Goal setting as we believe these are instrumental in helping us make the most of our time.

Time management skills:
• Symptoms of poor time management
• Effective time management at work
• Tracking how you use your time
• Time management and stress
• Scheduling your time
• Overcoming the common time thieves – procrastination, meetings, emails, distractions and poor delegation.
• Developing our concentration
• How to stop multitasking
• Thought Leadership article: When, by Dan Pink

Prioritisation and Planning:
• How to avoid top timewasters in the workplace
• Important and urgent tasks
• To Do lists and personal Kanban
• Understanding and managing procrastination

Goal Setting:
• The difference between goals and states
• Different types of goals
• SMART objectives