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Training for Managers and Supervisors

February 1, 2024
managers training

Leading a business is a hefty task that requires skills most people aren’t born with – but that doesn’t mean you can’t learn. The right training for managers and supervisors can completely transform any business, ensuring that teams are built to succeed.

There are several benefits to training for managers and supervisors that you might not think of if you’re considering investing in these courses. This article will help you start by exploring the advantages of this type of training and three effective courses centred around training for managers and supervisors that will help you thrive. Let’s get started.

The Benefits of Training for Managers and Supervisors

Implementing training for managers and supervisors isn’t just a bonus – it’s essential to your organisation’s overall success and sustainability. A Gallup study of over 7,000 adults showed that one in two people left their jobs to escape their manager. This statistic shows that becoming a better manager isn’t just about achieving your personal goals but also about improving your employee retention rate.

But what are the specific benefits of training for managers and supervisors? Let’s look at a few.

Training for Managers and Supervisors Enhances Communication Skills

The first notable advantage of training courses for managers and supervisors is that these courses are critical to enhancing your communication skills. Not all employees have the same communication style, but to be a successful leader, you must be able to communicate with everyone, regardless of their preferred style.

A management training programme helps you improve employee engagement by giving you the skills necessary to communicate effectively with people of all different communication styles, ensuring you have the skills required to lead a team of diverse employees.

Boosting your communication skills will also help you empower your employees to make impactful organisational changes – meaning you’ll benefit in more ways than one with the right managerial courses.

Training for Managers and Supervisors Helps You Understand Change Management

Change is inevitable for any business, but the presence of change doesn’t have to be cause for concern. Training for managers and supervisors helps you navigate change seamlessly to minimise organisational disruptions and maximise success through positive change.

A smooth transition period can make or break your team’s success – and training courses from Crisp Professional Development are guaranteed to help you approach change confidently without any bumps in the road.

Training for Managers and Supervisors Leads to Better Decision Making

As a business leader, you’re expected to make tough decisions. While you might worry about making big decisions for your business, the right training course for managers and supervisors will help you enhance your decision-making skills.

Without well-developed decision-making skills, you can’t expect to lead your team through tough times – so investing in a course that will teach you how to make tough calls can completely transform your company’s longevity and help your team members feel confident in your leadership.

Training for Managers and Supervisors Can Help You Boost Employee Morale

A successful organisation isn’t just about having skilled managers and supervisors – it’s about recognising the importance of the entire team to promote organisational growth. Without the right management skills, you may not inspire confidence in your employees, resulting in low staff morale.

Boosting employee morale is entirely possible when you invest in training for managers and supervisors to better understand team members’ unique needs and how to inspire your team to strive for success. When you have the right skills to succeed, you can ensure employee morale is at an all-time high.

Training for Managers and Supervisors Promotes Productivity

Staying productive is one of the main goals of any organisation, but without the right leadership abilities, motivating employees to stay productive can feel impossible. A training course will equip you with the skills necessary to promote productivity throughout your organisation, ensuring you have what it takes to inspire employees to strive for excellence.

When you implement skills learned during your training courses, you’ll find that your workforce is more productive than ever before – making your job as a manager a breeze and helping you achieve your goals in no time.


Below are some of the courses, available with Crisp Professional Development, that you could consider for your supervisors and managers.

  1. Training for Supervisors

The first course available through Crisp Professional Development is  Training for Supervisors , a training course designed specifically for supervisors and team leaders.

We know that managing a team is challenging, especially when you’re accommodating employees of different backgrounds and skill sets – and that’s why we’ve created a course to help you  develop a diverse range of team members.

This course explores fundamental elements of maximising your team’s performance through cohesive and essential management skills, using methods and tools to achieve higher performance, and motivating your team members to make things happen.

The Training for Supervisors course helps you understand goal setting for your team members and addresses vital techniques to empower them. This course is also designed to help you develop and enhance your leadership style, ensuring you’re prepared to handle big projects in the future with a team that trusts you every step of the way.

The course focuses on two components: managing yourself and managing others. When managing yourself, we’ll highlight important factors like dealing with your hopes and fears, giving you standards for your performance, improving your communication skills, promoting assertive behaviour, and boosting your questioning and listening skills, among many other elements of being a strong team leader.

Our course will also focus on managing others, including essential skills like balancing your team’s needs whilst maintaining a leadership role, navigating different management styles, motivating your team, promoting constructive performance management, and more to ensure you have what it takes to lead confidently.

  1. Introduction to People Management

Another popular course that provides training for managers and supervisors is Crisp Professional Development’s *reinsert link but without work SKILLS This essential course explores the complexities of dealing with a unique team of employees.

This two-day course covers the core skills necessary to be a successful manager and leader, focusing on developing skills like communication, motivation, delegation, different management styles, and difficult conversations.

At the end of our Introduction to People Management course, you’ll have the power to communicate and motivate your team effectively to successfully achieve your organisational objectives. Through our comprehensive training, you’ll gain the power to get the most from your team members while helping them feel inspired and motivated to succeed.

Topics include:

  • Self-awareness and the ability to understand different learning styles
  • Building empathy and rapport with team members
  • Emotional hijack
  • Adapting to different communication styles
  • Enhancing your listening and questioning skills
  • Understanding how to handle difficult conversations and address problematic behaviours
  • Adjusting to different management styles and enhancing your situational leadership skills
  • Providing comprehensive leadership and management definitions to guide your work
  • Navigating the process of giving and receiving feedback
  • Exploring the steps of training, coaching, and mentoring employees
  • Boosting your time management abilities
  • Determining how to develop a high-performing team
  • Learning how to delegate effectively
  • Achieving excellent motivation skills to keep your team moving towards an ultimate goal
  1. People Management Essentials

A must-have course to provide training for managers and supervisors within your organisation is Crisp Professional Development’s People Management Essentials course, a flexible 1 – 3-day course focusing on enhancing your people management skills.

The People Management Essentials course, created in partnership with Signature Recruitment, is designed to help managers of all levels who are looking to build their skills and improve the well-being of their team and organisation.

This course teaches you vital skills about communicating, delegating, and motivating your team to achieve your company and personal goals. This course has what you need to become the best manager, from typical managerial styles to more complex strategies to adapt to your team member’s needs.

The flexible structure allow you to attend one, two or three days of the course, depending on your level of seniority and opportunity to attend.  Content includes:

  • Learning the difference between management and leadership
  • Understanding yourself and learning self-awareness and emotional intelligence for managers
  • Determining what a good manager looks like for your organisation
  • Understanding individual differences and learning to maximise your managerial style
  • Effective communication styles allowing you to harness appropriate methods of interacting with your team members to ensure they deliver what’s expected from them – including remote communication styles
  • Learning to manage difficult situations and resolve them in a way that minimises fallout and maximises productivity
  • Understanding the process of managing performance among your team members and measuring what gets done and what gets rewarded
  • Determining the best way to motivate your team members through different motivational drivers
  • Recruitment and retention to navigate hiring and onboarding new members
  • Understanding how to manage change within your organisation
  • Learning how to delegate to accumulate with minimum disruption
  • Determining how to set expectations and hold others accountable
  • Creating capacity for your members and managing your time effectively
  • Understanding what separates a great team from an average one

Embark on a Transformative Journey With Crisp Professional Development

Training for managers and supervisors is critical to your organisation’s ongoing success. With Crisp Professional Development, you can ensure that your leadership skills are the best they can be through comprehensive training courses designed to meet your specific needs.

Learn more about Crisp Professional Development today to see how we can help you thrive!