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Insights Discovery

We've become an Insights Discovery distributor!

Insights Discovery is a powerful psychometric tool that uses the four colour energies of behaviour to help people understand their own behavioural preferences and the preferences of others.

Each colour represents a different set of preferences, strengths, and challenges - understanding your own and that of those around you means you can adapt your communication and behavioural style to get the very best out of your interaction with others.

As a new distributor, once you've completed a short questionnaire, we're now able to provide you with your own, personal Insights Discovery profile, and our qualified Insights practitioners can give you a debrief (if you want one), so that you can fully understand your results.

We are also offering some new Insights Discovery courses, focusing on three key areas where Insights can help teams maximise their success;

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The benefits of Insights profiling for your personal and team development:

Increased self-awareness: they can help you understand your own preferences, strengths, and challenges. This can lead to greater self-confidence and a more fulfilling life

Improved communication: they can help you understand how to communicate more effectively with others. This can lead to stronger relationships and better teamwork

Enhanced decision-making: they can help you make better decisions by providing you with insights into your own thinking style and the thinking styles of others

Increased motivation: they can help you identify your personal motivators and develop a plan to achieve your goals

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