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Leading with Insights

For clients who want to add a deeper layer of self-awareness and insight into their leadership programmes, we have created this one-day add-on, Leading with Insights, to our Being A Leader programmes.

Leading with Insights uses the Insights Discovery profiling tool to raise individual and collective awareness about preferences, behaviours and strengths. On a good day you may be formal and precise (cool blue) or persuasive and dynamic (sunshine yellow), or you may be green or red. The profiling tool creates a profile of your unique combination of colours which will enable you to better understand yourself and others.

How does this relate to leadership? Leaders have to adapt to different personalities and varying situations. One style or approach does not fit all. By using a profiling tool, the leader gets relevant and meaningful data on which to gauge their effectiveness: How are my behaviours serving me? What is my thinking about this problem? How should I adapt my message to suit this audience? Leading with Insights Discovery will help you to answer these questions.

You will complete an Insights Discovery questionnaire before you attend the session and you will receive a personal profile to take away and refer to in the future.

Other leadership courses we deliver include;

This is a highly participative and reflective day. You will have time for individual reflection and collective discussions about your leadership style and approach.

Using our positive psychology approach, the session will focus on your strengths and the positive impact your behaviours can have. There are no ‘wrong’ answers, or ‘right’ ways of doing things. Leading with Insights is about your awareness, your learning and what is appropriate for you and your team(s) in any given situation.

We begin with an overview of the Insights Discovery model and explanations of it’s relevance to leadership. Then there is time for you to digest, share and reflect on your profile before you discuss how this can be used to influence your leadership behaviours.

Learning themes:

  • Self-awareness (perception is our reality)
  • Ladder of inference
  • The Insights model
  • Your Insights profiles (individual and team)
  • Strengths and areas for development
  • The impact on leadership style and behaviours
  • Actions and next steps

This is a one-day add-on to our four day Being a Leader programme, and it is therefore intended for senior management teams. It is usually undertaken at the start of the programme to underpin and support your learning, whilst enabling  you and your SMT colleagues to share a common language thereafter.

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