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Professional development supporting you from Manager to Leader

November 11, 2022

With over 30 years of experience in developing people to reach their full potential, we’ve come across most sectors, most business structures and most challenges. It may surprise you to find that, despite the fact we work with employers of every size (from 5 to 50,000) – and every sector (from third sector and public sector to retail, engineering, business services and manufacturing) – their challenges are broadly the same.

Many of our programmes are bespoke to clients’ needs – we pride ourselves on adapting our content and our style to suit. However, the core topics and requirements don’t change.

Similarly, there are many topics and challenges that arise for a first-line manager, that are shared by a senior manager – the level to which they need to understand or intervene may change, but they both need to have the knowledge and approach to handle a situation.

We know that the most successful leadership and management development comes when all ‘levels’ of seniority can ‘speak the same language’ – creating a golden thread of common terminology, understanding and approach, throughout the organisation. So when we work with an organisation we may start with their line managers but progress to working with their senior team (or vice versa). We deliver different programmes that share many of the same themes, core principles, learning models and theories.

Using our experience we’ve developed a flowchart that demonstrates the core courses we can offer for different levels of management and leadership development. Crucially, the flowchart below demonstrates, these can be run as standalone interventions, or combined to complement other tiers of development taking place within the organisation. These are ‘tried and tested’ programmes – some of our most popular and effective courses, packaged together to be adapted to suit you.

How do I interpret the flowchart?

Along the top of the chart you’ll see a line indicating the ‘level’ of the manager or leader. This signifies which management tier the courses are appropriate for.

  • Everyday Leadership is a 1 day course that is suitable for any level and could run on it’s own or in combination with any other programme on the chart
  • Being a Manager – a 4 day programme which combines our 2 day Introduction to People Management and our 2 day Advanced People Management courses – these could run alone, incrementally, or be combined to create a 4 day programme.
  • We have successfully run our Being a Leader programme with senior leadership teams for over 5 years. It works hand-in-hand with the management programme and, in order to add value to the programme, we’ve demonstrated a number of ‘add-ons’ that could be run in addition or alongside these.


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