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Leadership & Management

We offer behavioural skills courses for managers and leaders, making a difference to you, your organisation and your teams

Our leadership and management programmes are designed in standalone modules that can be taken as individual courses or combined to create an integrated whole.

Each course builds on the last, so that the themes in Everyday Leadership are built on and developed in Advanced People Management and Being A leader.

All these courses are interactive and participative, using qualified coaches, the latest theories and research as well as engaging materials.

Our programmes are bespoke, from four days to twenty, in any location, virtual, in-person or blended: they are designed around your needs and your budget.

Being a Leader programmes, focusing on behaviours and mindset

Using neuroscience, emotional intelligence and positive psychology

Management development programmes for existing and aspiring managers

ILM accredited programmes at Level 3 and Level 5

Small group cohorts to maximise your learning

Linked to your values, culture and success factors


Bespoke Training Programmes

We know that not every organisation is the same – that’s why sometimes the only way to address your unique needs is to create a bespoke solution!

Co-create a programme that perfectly fits your development needs

We’ll work with you to find the best solution for your team or organisation – regardless of size, budget or sector!

No limits to programme size, structure or topics

Endless opportunities to enhance your development package to maximise your learning outcomes

Let’s start a conversation - click here and contact us today for a no-obligation consultation.